Voicent Software that works with BroadcastBySMS

Voicent Gateway

This software will be installed along with BroadcastBySMS. You will be REQUIRED to setup your text messaging modem through this software before using BroadcastBySMS.

Voicent Call Center CRM

You can keep track of your customers' broadcast results using Voicent Call Center CRM. BroadcastBySMS also uploads opt-out status to Voicent Call Center CRM after each campaign

Voicent Call Center Manager

You can view statistics for BroadcastBySMS within Call Center Manager.

Voicent IVR

BroadcastBySMS alone has very limited capabilities such as only being able to perform one action at a time or handle only one response from your callee. However, if you want to design a more complex campaign plan you will need to take advantage of Voicent IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Voicent IVR easily integrates with your website, database, other Voicent software and nearly any program. Voicent IVR is a design tool that allows you to customize a 2-way texting feature using an intuitive point-and-click interface.